16mm Cable x 10mm Stud Size Non Insulated Cable Lug

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  • Cable Size: 16mm
  • Hole Size: 10mm
  • Material: Tinned Plated Copper
SKU: NCL-16-10
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16mm Cable x 10mm Stud size Non insulated cable lugs are designed for terminating and connecting 16mm Steel Wire Armoured Cables with a 10mm clearance hole 10.2mm, therefore ideal when connecting to a device or isolator with 10mm stud.

Our cable lugs work in any standard cable crimping tools, with the addition of inspection holes to check the conductor has been fully pushed in before crimping. Our Lugs also have a bell mouth to ensure smooth installation onto the cable. In conclusion, the cable lugs we stock have everything you need to make your connections as easy as possible.

This range of cable lugs covers cables with copper and aluminium conductors. Including Steel Wire Armour Cable, SY flex cable, Ho7RN-F Rubberised flex and Tri-rated control panel cable.

Cable crimp Usages

  • 16mm Cable x 10mm Stud size Non insulated cable lug
  • Cable Size 16mm
  • Stud size 10mm
  • Used to terminate cable
  • Connect to industrial machinery
  • Earthing connections
  • Structural bonding
  • Perfect to use with our 16mm armoured cable

Another accessory to compliment these cable lugs is heat shrink. Heat shrink would generally be used on the join between the cable and the entry on the lug which helps with core identification and a cleaner overall finish.

Also, for more information regarding cable lugs and other electrical connectors, please visit this information page.

Here at ArmouredCable.net, we stock and supply a large range of sizes of Cable Lugs to suit a variety of cable and stud sizes. If you require a large quantity, remember to drop us an email at [email protected] for quotations, where further discounts may be available!

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Non insulated cable lugs Cable lugs used for cable crimping.


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