BW40 Indoor Armoured Cable Gland Pack

£7.65 Ex. VAT £9.18 Inc. VAT
  • Indoor Armoured Cable Glands (Pack of 2)
  • Designed for use with any Armoured Cable
  • Suitable for use with the following cable sizes:
    – 95mm 3 Core
    – 70mm 4 Core
    – 35mm 5 Core
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BW40 Indoor Armoured Cable Gland Pack are an accessory that allows you to terminate cable into any device or application. Gland packs are available in a variety of sizes therefore you can get any size to suit any cable.

This gland pack is made to fit the following cable sizes;

Contents of pack:

  • Brass Glands x 1
  • Locking Nuts x 1
  • PVC Shrouds x 1
  • Earth Tags x 1

Please note these BW gland packs are designed for indoor use therefore aren’t waterproof or protected against the elements. All the cable glands that we stock and supply are designed and made to the British Standard of BS6121, meaning they are safe and have been thoroughly tested.

Further Information

Our standard delivery service is provided by DX therefore GPS tracking and delivery notifications are available. If you’d like them, please include your mobile number and email address with your order.
Also, if your job is outdoor, you’ll require a CW40 Armoured Cable Glands instead.
If you are planning upcoming projects, check out the Part P Building Regulations set out by the Government.

Additional information

Weight 0.1600 kg
BS Number



Gold and Silver for Earth Tags and Lock Nuts, Black for Shrouding


Armoured Cable Glands – Indoor BW40
An Armoured Cable Gland is primarily used for inserting a length of cable into a device or piece of electrical equipment, whilst maintaining a safe and tight seal to provide a variety of benefits, including:-
– Sealing and Retention- Earthing/Grounding- Bonding- Insulation- A combination of all these attributes
A variety of Armoured Cable Sizes are accomadated by this Armoured Cable Gland Size, including:-

35mm 4 core
70mm 4 core
95mm 3 core
120mm 2 core
150mm 2 core

If you are confused as to which Armoured Cable Gland size you need in relation the size of the cable you have, please click on 'Armoured Cable Glands' at the top of the web page for a chart that provides reference to the information that you require.
The Indoor BW40 Armoured Cable Glands are, as indicated by the name, intended for indoor use, meaning they are not strictly waterproof or protected against environmental effects such as rain and snow, as they are with Outdoor CW Glands. All the Armoured Cable Glands that we stock and supply are designed and made to the British Standard of BS6121, meaning they are safe and have been thoroughly tested to ensure their integrity.
Delivery Information
Here at, we stock and supply a large range of Armoured Cable Glands, available in a variety of sizes. If there is a specific type or size of Gland that you require but cannot see among the range you can see here, please give our sales team a call on 01244 288138 for further assistance and is located on Zone 1 of Deeside Industrial Park near Chester, so if you'd prefer to pick up items that you have ordered as opposed to having them delivered to an address, please feel free to do so as all pick ups are welcome. Armoured Cable Glands – Indoor BW40 available for the best prices online with fast, free delivery on orders over £100 excluding VAT.


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