Plastic Adaptable Junction Boxes

Plastic Adaptable Boxes are found in various electrical applications including enclosing wiring junctions as well as terminating lengths of cable using the adaptable junction box in conjunction with Armoured Cable Glands. It can also be used for surface mounting, within ceilings and underneath flooring in domestic and commercial buildings alike.

Top Quality Wiska boxes come with connectors built inside to made your outside connections even easier.

Depending on size, they can also be used to hold sockets and switches, giving them further protection and security. All the adaptable boxes we stock and supply are made from a hard-wearing, quality plastic that can withstand chemicals and mechanical damage alike.

Delivery Information

Here at, we stock and supply a large and varied range of electrical accessories, available in a range of sizes as to suit any customer requirement. If you’re looking for a specific type or size of Adaptable Box, please feel free to give our sales team a call on 01244 288138, who will be happy to provide further information and assistance. are based on Zone 1 of Deeside Industrial Park near Chester, so if you’d prefer to arrange a pick up as opposed to having items delivered, please feel free to do so as all pick ups are welcome.

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Showing all 19 results