3 Core Armoured cable

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Showing all 19 results

3 Core Armoured Cable

Armouredcable.net have extensive stocks of this 3 Core Armoured cable. This cable is perfect for, and mostly used in single phase circuits. The internal copper cores are used in the following ways:

  • one core is used for the Live connection this would be the brown core
  • Another core is the blue and this would be used as the neutral core
  • lastly is the earth core, also known as the CPC. This stands for circuit protective conductor
  • Perfect for Burying Underground

When other core colours are supplied such as the more standard Brown, black and grey it would be necessary to identify your cores. We Recommend using a coloured sleeve or heat shrink for this. We supply 3 core armoured cable in both single phase and standard colours. So take a look at what one is right for your job.