Armoured Cable Jacks & Spindles

Here at, we have a range of Armoured Cable Jacks available to suit any customer requirement. Differing in size and measurements, these jacks are commonly used for holding a drum of armoured cable whilst pulling the cable from the drum. They are fully adjustable, therefore you can increase the height of the drum if that is required.
Made from steel and zinc coated, these Armoured Cable Jacks are robust and can stand wear-and-tear even in the harshest of conditions without sacrificing working order. For example, they’d be perfectly suitable for using whilst on a construction or building site. They’re also fully weatherproof and resistant to chemicals, as to help maintain operation within corrosive environments.

Armoured Cable Drum Spindles are an accessory ordinarily combined with armoured cable jacks. They are used to ensure safe and secure elevation of armoured cable drums. Made from a high-quality steel material, they are sturdy and strong enough to withstand the weight of drums up to 20 tonnes.
Some specifications for these spindles can be seen below;

– Diameters of 50mm, 76mm & 101mm available

– Lengths of 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, 3000mm available

– SWL (Safe Working Loads) of up to 20 tonnes

– Locking collar codes for said spindles include; LC50, LC76

Delivery Information

Here at, we stock a vast and varied range of armoured cable accessories, as to suit any job or requirement. Some of the more specific products may not be listed on our website, so if you’d like to enquire about any product that you’re interested in purchasing, please feel free to give our sales team a call on 01244 288138 for further information and assistance on finding the product you require.
We are located on Zone 1 of Deeside Industrial Estate near Chester, so if you’d like to pick up any items that you have placed an order for as opposed to having them delivered, please feel free to do so as all pick ups are welcome through our store/shop.

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Showing all 12 results