125A Three Phase SY Extension Leads

125A Three Phase SY Extension Leads – We Use SY Cable to make these Extension leads which is a flexible braided cable. This cable is able to withstand mechanical, chemical and thermal stresses.
The 125A rating means these leads are designed for use in larger installs such as high power welding equipment, drainage equipment, large mobile power supplies etc.

** PLEASE NOTE; Each current rating (16A, 32A, 63A & 125A) have a different sized plug and socket. This means that you can’t use a 32A lead for a device that requires a 16A, for example. If you’re unsure which lead you require, please check the device you’re trying to provide power to. **

125A Three Phase SY Extension Leads Cable Specification

  • Temperature Rating: Conductor operating temperature -30°C to +60°C (85°C max)
  • 8 x overall diameter

Core Identification of 3 Phase SY Cable

  • 4 Core: Green/Yellow | Brown | Black | Grey
  • 5 Core: Green/Yellow | Blue | Brown | Black | Grey

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Showing all 10 results