Single Phase Armoured Cable

Single Phase Armoured Cable with Coloured Cores is perfect for jobs around the outside of your home or place of business. The steel wire armour below the sheath helps to protect the cores below which makes the cable perfect for use in hazardous environments. The cable can also be buried underground.
Core colours are as follows;

– Brown for the Live connection
– Blue for the Neutral
– Green and yellow for the earth connection

This cable is perfect for the jobs in the garden or outbuildings, in your garage etc.

Glands will also be required for terminating either end of the cable.  BW Glands are designed for indoor use whereas the CW glands are for outdoor use. CW Glands provide a waterproof seal around the cable. Both of these gland types are available through the Armoured Cable Accessories section.

The only difference between this cable and standard steel wire armour cable is the core colours, therefore sizing charts for glands and cleats will be exactly the same.

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Showing all 7 results