Extension Leads

All our Extension leads are made to order in our workshop, just outside Chester in the northwest of England. We take great pride in the quality of our products and use only top quality cable and accessories.

  • Yellow Arctic Flex for 110V site leads
  • Blues Arctic flex for 240V site leads
  • 3 Phase 415v Extension site leads in SY Cable or Ho7rnf rubberised cable
  • SY Braided cable for leads that need that extra protection
  • Ho7RNF Cable for the very flexible rubberised Type

All Leads are tested and inspected by our inhouse engineers. To give you piece of mind the cable your buying is right for the job. In addition, we use Cord end ferrules for every termination, on the end of every Extension lead we make. Therefore, making the cable connection much stronger and stops the cable from pulling out. Giving them a far greater service time.