4 Core Armoured Cable

4 Core Armoured Cable – Multi-core PVC Cable with a steel wire armour or SWA. This cable is designed for a variety of installs including underground power networks, indoor and outdoor applications, plus many more!
The 4 Core cable is also commonly used for three phase circuits. Core Number 4 in this cable can be used as an earth, meaning you don’t need to use a separate earth cable.

Cable Specifications

  • Conductors: Class 2 Stranded Copper
  • XLPE Insulation
  • PVC Bedding
  • Steel Wire Armour
  • PVC Sheath
  • Core Identification: Brown, black, blue and grey

Further Information

When installing this cable, remember to use the relevant indoor and outdoor Armoured Cable Glands as well as the correct size Cleats. This information can be found within the listings.

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Showing all 12 results