H07RN-F Cable

Our H07RN-F Cable is a high quality, rubberised flexible cable that is able to withstand any chemical or mechanical stresses, such as within an industrial installation or a construction site etc. Capable of supplying 450V/750V voltage ratings, this is a highly adaptable cable that will be suitable for any use-case scenario. Due to it also being weather and water-proof, it is also suitable for drainage and water treatment installations.
This H07RN-F is also made to the following British Standards BS EN 50525-2-21 (BS 7919), BS EN/IEC 60332-1-2, BS EN 60811-2-1, which verifies the quality of its construction.

Below is a list of specifications relating to this cable;


CU/EPR/PCP Conductor: Flexible copper (Cu Class 5)
Insulation: Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR) Type EI4
Outer sheathing: Polychloroprene (PCP) Type EM2

The H07RN-F trailing duty cable has a temperature rating of -30oC to +60oC for fixed installations (rising to +85oC for fixed protected installations) and from -15oC to +60oC when flexed.