240V SY Extension Leads

240V SY Extension Leads – We Use SY Cable to make these Extension leads. The SY Cable has a steel braid under the sheath which protects the cores below from damage.  Designed for use with three phase applications such as high power welders, industrial ovens, conveyor systems etc.

** PLEASE NOTE; Each current rating (16A, 32A, 63A & 125A) have a different sized plug and socket. This means that you can’t use a 32A lead for a device that requires a 16A, for example. If you’re unsure which lead you require, please check the device you’re trying to provide power to. **

240V SY Extension Leads Cable Specification

  • Temperature Rating: Conductor operating temperature -30°C to +60°C (85°C max)
  • Minimum Bending Radius: Up to 25mm²: 6 x overall diameter, above 25mm²: 8 x overall diameter

Core Identification

  • 3 Cores: Green/Yellow, Blue, Brown

For larger quantities of these extension leads, please call our sales team on 01244 288138, who will be able to provide lead times and quotations with potential discounts.

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Showing all 10 results