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Single Phase Armoured Cable for street and garden lighting

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Here you will find the right cable for your project, domestic, commercial and industrial. Three phase extension leads made to measure and tested. Before being sent out the same day you ordered.

Best Quality SWA Armoured Cable

Although our cable may seem cheaper than our competitors. its exactly the same cable and made to the same BS standards as you will get anywhere else. With the added benefit of being delivered right to your door. The choice is easy!

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Our electric cable website offers a vast choice of Electric cable and all the accessories needed for installation from indoor BW glands to CW outdoor glands. We are highly competitive on prices and strive to achieve incredible quality of products and customer relations. All of our cables meet British Standard quality to conform to all quality requirements. If you Need your electric cable cut to length? that’s fine with us we have specialist cable coiling machines and can do lengths as long as you need. Do you require a quote? You can always call our sales team on 01244 288 138.

We are based on the Deeside Industrial Estate near Chester and send our cables out each day order early and get it sent out same day. Collections are Also welcome, it is advised to give us a call beforehand to allocate the stock, as large quantities of SWA cable and its accessories are sold daily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Armoured cable is a hard-wearing cable made up of black PVC sheath, XLPE insulation, copper conductors and steel wire armouring. This type of cable is designed for mains electricity in various applications, including laying underground, power networks, incoming mains to homes amongst a host of other uses externally and internally.

Armoured cable is suitable and often used for direct burial, with the armouring providing further protection from external damaged, allowing ease of installation or extraction. The XLPE insulation is resistant to a number of different fluids, chemicals and has good heat stability.

Steel wire armoured or SWA Cable is a hardwearing cable made up of black PVC sheath, XLPE insulation, copper conductors and steel wire armouring. Designed and used as mains electricity supply when laying underground, power networks, incoming mains to homes amongst a host of other applications externally and internally.

There are a few different features you need to take into consideration when choosing your steel wire armoured cable for example length of run, voltage drop, current rating but at we have a few tools and information pages which can make this choice a bit easier. For example we have an Armoured Cable Calculator which makes it easy for you to identify what cable you require. And also a current carrying capacity chart giving you all the current ratings of cables.

We don’t advise that you use the armouring from the SWA cable as an earth, but up to a certain size power cable it should be fine, if you are using the armouring as an earth it should only be used as an additional earth. The armour should always be earthed at the supply end to ensure it cannot become live if the cable is damaged or under any fault conditions.

LSF is generally used in public places or were the cable is specified few examples are Hospitals, Schools amongst other public places. When the LSF sheath is exposed to fire the sheath emits very low levels of smoke and non-toxic fumes. LSF SWA cable is also known as LSZH, LSF, LSOH, Low smoke and fume, low smoke zero halogen, 3 phase lsf.

Some of the names people will use to describe are SWA cable, underground cable, mains power cable, 3 phase cable, low voltage cable, direct burial cable amongst a whole host of other names.